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“Johnny 5 is Alive”

2018 District Rookie All Star Team

2019 Judges Award



"To reach and enlighten the youth of the world about the wonders of STEAM to construct a better future for all."

Retro5ive Latest Updates

Safety Animation Award

Stop Motion - 1200+ Frames

Created by: Sebastian Brown, Dung Phan, and Bryan Razzo

The Team

Retro5ive currently consists of twenty-two team members and four mentors. Every member on the team takes pride in their role, helping propel our team to success. 


Last year’s competitive season, Retro5ive worked hard to create a robot suited for the Deep Space challenge. We are excited to build a robot to tackle 2019’s challenge!


Retro5ive is dedicated to shaping the minds of the future. We are extremely active members in our community and try to help others in any way that we can.


We are extremely thankful for our sponsors. Every dollar is a tremendous help to keep our team going. With the help of sponsors, Retro5ive can reach new heights.

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Do you have any questions? You can contact us through email or by phone –  just click the button below. Retro5ive hopes to hear from you soon!

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