Artwork above created by Sebastian Brown

Safety Animation Award

Stop Motion - 1200+ Frames

Created by: Sebastian Brown, Dung Phan, and Bryan Razzo

Digital Multimedia 

On Retro5ive, it’s not all about robotics! We have an amazing team of young artists. The short film to the right was made by team members Dung Phan and Sebastian Brown – illustrating how our team fills the space in their lives.

Dung, Brian, Ariana, and Sebastian. (left to right)

Meet The Team

This year, Retro5ive’s digital multimedia team consists of five members: Dung Phan, Brian Raza, Ariana Cabanas, Sebastian Brown, and Saleh Kudar. The team’s current project is a stop motion film about this year’s competition (picture below).

Videos created by Dung Phan

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